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Drilling Defoamers

Foaming drilling fluid can be difficult to pump and messy to clean up. The defoamers or Antifoaming products are used to minimize or removing the entrapped air and gas from water based and oil based drilling fluids used in drilling of oil wells.


The defoamers are effective in a wide range of PH and temperature. Spectrachem's line of defoamers are versatile oil pipeline and drilling defoamers capable of effectively  preventing and reducing foaming in oil and gas pipelines in severe field conditions in a wide range of operations. It is effective at high temperatures and can be diluted with any hydrocarbons like diesel, crude oil, kerosene etc.


Spectrachem's Defoamers act by effectively removing entrapped air from all types of systems.

Spectrachem Defamers utilize to reduce surface tension in fluids from crudes, drilling muds, and

water and oil systems. They are effective at high temperatures and pH's. It tolerates high concentration of salts.

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