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Production Chemicals Applications


(Oil Soluble & Water Soluble)


Demulsifier or emulsion breakers are a class of specialty chemicals used to separate emulsion constituents (e.g. water and Oil). Demulsifier formulations enable the quick separation of produced water from oil hence used in the process of crude oil.


Corrosion Inhibitor


Spectrachem's line of branded corrosion inhibitors effectively controls corrosion on most metals. They can be used to treat water cut well flow lines, process equipment and oil pipelines. It is particularly suitable for pipeline applications where it will partition primarily into the water phase ensuring effective treatment of water setting out at low spots.




De-oilers are the chemicals used to apply for separation of oil from water before discharge. De-oilers consist of a wide range of polymer and formulated to produce a product to aid the removal of the oil droplets from the produced water at the best optimum dose.



Paraffin Wax / Asphaltene Dispersant


Spectrachem breaks down paraffins and asphaltenes that plague all oil wells, allowing for a well or pipeline to flow at its full potential. It acts as a dispersant and rapidly eliminates production inhibiting deposits that restrict fluid flow. Spectrachem  dispersants are tailor made based on client's samples and lab test results.

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